Smart RSS-SF6 Sensor

Smart RSS-SF6 Sensor

The RSS SF6 sensor can easily be integrated into OEM systems, where long term stability, repeatability and reliable performance are required. Furthermore, its high-precision NDIR technology also qualifies the RSS SF6 gas sensor for utilisation in numerous laboratory measurements where precision and reliability are of uttermost importance for subsequent processing. Special build-in solutions to provide IP54 protection and easy field gas-calibration are available.

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RSS-SF6 is Non Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) gas sensor for ambient air monitoring using dual wavelength technology. Especially designed for the analysis of SF6 leakage, quality and purity inside gas insulated switchgears (GIS).

RSS-SF6 sensor has long term stability, repeatability and reliable performance and high-precision and easy to calibrate

Modbus ASCII or RTU data communication offer a variety of options to connect the RSS-SF6 sensor to a controller.

Technical parameter

Measurement principle: Dual wavelength, Non Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR),

Measurement range: 0-50/1000/1500ppm

Gas supply: by diffusion (atmospheric pressure)

Warm-up time: < 2 minutes (start-up time)

< 11 minutes (fade in finished)

< 30 minutes (full specification)

Measuring response

Response time (t90): appr. 60 s

Digital resolution (@ zero): 1 ppm

Repeatability: ≤ ± 15 ppm

Linearity error (straight line deviation): ≤ ± 20 ppm

Long term stability (span): ≤ ± 30 ppm over 12 month period

Long term stability (zero): ≤ ± 25 ppm over 12 month period

Influence of T and P

Temp. dependence (zero): ≤ ± 1.5 ppm per °C

Temp. dependence (span): ≤ ± 3 ppm per °C

Pressure dependence: ± 0-100 % of measurement value / hPa

Electrical inputs and outputs

Supply voltage: 6.5 V-9 V DC

Supply current (peak): < 140 mA

Inrush current: < 600 mA

Average power consumption: < 800 mW

Output signal: RS 485, 4-20mA

Climatic conditions

Operating temperature: -20°C + 40 °C

Storage temperature: -20°C + 60 °C Air pressure: 800-1150 hPa

Ambient humidity: 0-95 % relative humidity (not condensing)

Typical values related to 1013 hPa and 22 °C for dry (not condensing) and clean sample gas. Stated values exclude calibration gas tolerance.

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